Gourmet Night Market : Earth Hour Special


This weekend on Saturday night (not our normal Friday) we have a really special Gourmet Night Market… in honour of Earth Hour (where you turn your lights off to save energy), we are running our market off-the-grid..

There will be live music courtesy of the Mauao Performing Arts’ Summer Series with bands: Godsown, Derek Toner, Spank the Funky, K Holla & the gorgeous Alice SeaBring a blanket to keep warm & a candle in a jar or lantern to add to the atmosphere.

Saturday 29 March 5.00-9.30pm Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui

Also, since next Saturday/Sunday isĀ Neighbours Day Aotearoa, Gourmet Night Market challenges you to bring your neighbours along, maybe even your whole street and get to know your community..
This is the last Gourmet Night Market for the summer… so get on down..
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