Gourmet Night market – last of the season


This Friday 28 February is the official end to the 2013/14 Gourmet Night Market at Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui.

To celebrate we feel its time to party, to celebrate the fact that the Gourmet Night market has grown into way more than a market, but your weekly community event.

For a touch of class we thought it would be fun to dress up, take that however you like but we, the staff and the vendors will be in our finest black tie and ball dresses and jandals.

And we thought we’d have a wee competition… so the amazing Showcase Jewellers at Bayfair have given us 10! pairs of gorgeous earrings to give away to the best dressed…  We’ll have a wee moment at 7pm where we give these away.

Music is from Nesta Israel, Calista Nelmes & Alice sea… – 3 musicians in one night and a DJ to take you through the evening…
I’d personally like to invite you all to come along and enjoy this (forecasted 26 degree) sunny Friday from 4.30-8.30pm…

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